SALT has two purposes. The first is to get to know one another through fellowship activities. Once a month or at least once a quarter -- the groups can get together for an activity. These activities are to encourage, uplift, and to meet new people. For your convenience a list has been provided of possible activities. You are by no means limited to this list. Please feel free to share your ideas with other groups or to add to the list. Part of the fun is getting to know your sisters or others in your Life Group and/or invite another Life Group in for a devo and activity. 

The second purpose is to do some of the behind the scene tasks that make worship God centered. Each group will be selected for a month in which they are responsible for the physical tasks of the church. Every lady will serve twice a year, one for the assigned month of the Life Group, and in September when the Life Groups are re-starting. Some of these activities may include: preparing communion, arranging food to be taken to a new mother or someone recently released from the hospital, assisting with babysitting for a new mother, and washing baptistery clothes.