SALT has two purposes. The first is to get to know one another through fellowship activities. Once a month or at least once a quarter -- the groups can get together for an activity. These activities are to encourage, uplift, and to meet new people. For your convenience a list has been provided of possible activities. You are by no means limited to this list. Please feel free to share your ideas with other groups or to add to the list. Part of the fun is getting to know your sisters or others in your Life Group and/or invite another Life Group in for a devo and activity. 

The second purpose is to do some of the behind the scene tasks that make worship God centered. Each group will be selected for a month in which they are responsible for the physical tasks of the church. Every lady will serve twice a year, one for the assigned month of the Life Group, and in September when the Life Groups are re-starting. Some of these activities may include: preparing communion, arranging food to be taken to a new mother or someone recently released from the hospital, assisting with babysitting for a new mother, and washing baptistery clothes.

Monthly SALT Leaders

Each Life Group will have one “Sister” who volunteers to be the SALT coordinator for their group. This person is to coordinate the SALT activities as described in this document. She is not responsible for doing everything herself. Each Life Group should only have to be responsible for the activities for one month. They should decide which month they wish to be responsible for and let Janice Murphy,, know as soon as possible. Please also provide a second “month” choice in case your first choice has already been taken. Month are assigned on a first come first serve basis so the sooner you respond the better your chances of getting the month you want.

How are the Groups Divided?

The groups are assigned according to the Life Groups.  Each Life Group will choose a month to serve.  Although SALT is organized according to Life Groups, please remember that this is a ladies service organization.


Baptistery: SALT is responsible for the changing rooms after a baptism. Please see that all wet baptismal gowns are hung to dry. Wet towels, washcloths, shirts or shorts are to be taken home and laundered. We ask that they are returned promptly. Please make sure the hair dryers and heaters are turned off! Don’t forget to check the men’s side. If items need to be replaced, inform the deacons in charge of the building. 

Bereavement: You are asked to call or visit the family in need. Prepare food when necessary and help with children. When preparing food, you do not have to use only the members of your group, often others are more than willing to assist. The objective is to see that everything is taken care of not to do it all yourself.  After a funeral a meal is prepared either in the building or at a designated place by the family. Confirm with Church Secretary of any ongoing events that might need to be notified or coordinated with too keep from having a conflict of events. When food or meals are needed/requested the web site “Take a Meal” is great to use to coordinate this activity. The church secretary is responsible for flowers or memorial gifts to the family of the deceased. 

Cards and Notes of Encouragement: The Monday Night for the Masters is going to be taking over the writing of cards for people on the prayer list.  Your Life Group is also encouraged to send cards of encouragement or flowers as appropriate for the occasion.

Communion: Communion is to be prepared weekly for the SALT month.   A detailed set of directions are in the kitchen on the window cover box. When supplies are low, inform the Deacon in charge of worship. 

Fellowship:  Life Groups will take turns hosting a monthly potluck dinner on the third Sunday of each month. 

Flowers:  When someone is in the hospital, nursing home or on extended bed rest flowers are to be taken to them. Flowers are to be purchased at the grocery store. This helps keep the cost down. Not only are they getting a beautiful reminder that we care for them, they are also getting a visit from their Christian family. Flowers for funerals are handled by the church secretary, see bereavement. 

Kitchen Responsibilities: At the end of the month please see that all items are in their proper places. Notify Liz Brosey when supplies are needed for the kitchen. Anyone using the facilities are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. No equipment or supplies should be removed from the kitchen without notifying the church secretary. All food is to be removed from the refrigerator after the fellowship meals and activities. (This can always be double checked on Wednesday.) Check all expiration dates on condiments and discard when appropriate. All garbage is to be taken to the dumpster.  Clean the floor, the sink, the refrigerators, the stoves, and the counter tops before your month is over. 

Showers: Your group may host a bridal/baby shower or assist their friends. They may be done at the church building or in a home. Please check with the church secretary to see if the date is available. Advise her of any bulletin announcements. 

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