weather policy

Do We Have Church if it Snows?

The elders’ policy regarding inclement weather is simple: They prefer not to cancel services because of the weather. They advise you to use your own good judgment about whether conditions where you live are too treacherous for you to make it to services.

If services are cancelled:

If services are cancelled, it will be based on snow and/or ice that is already on the ground, not based on a forecast of what might happen. If conditions deteriorate after services begin, the elders might abbreviate the service to get you headed home safely.

If conditions are such that the elders need to cancel services, they will make that decision no less than one and a half hours ahead of time. In other words, if Sunday morning services are cancelled, that decision will be made no later than 6:30 AM Sunday morning.

Notification: If services are cancelled, do not expect a phone call. Instead, we notify people via email, our Facebook page and the website. Anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet (perhaps your power is out) should contact their Life Group leader, one of the elders or one of the ministers.

Again, the elders expect you to use your good judgment regarding road conditions. Many of our members live so far from Laurel that the elders can’t possibly know what the roads in your area are like. That means you need to decide what’s safe for you.