Women are essential and so highly valued in the Lord's church! Jesus rejected the cultural notion that women were unimportant and taught the radical idea that everyone had value in The Kingdom (Galatians 3:28). Each and every person is part of God's plan for the fitting and joining together of The Body (Ephesians 4:16). Women at Laurel are the life force that keep every program running smoothly. At Laurel, there are many ways, big and small, for a woman of any age to have a role in spreading God's word, reaching those in need, caring for the flock, and thereby growing spiritually! Please join us!

10th anniversary ladies saturday book club

10 years of Growing in God's Grace

9/13/2008 to 9/13/2018

The Laurel Saturday Ladies book club has been meeting for 10 consecutive years. We are proud of that continuing effort. We would welcome any lady of the congregation or of the community to be a part of our book club.

The selection for 2018-2019 is described below.

Questions:  See Diane Threat or diane.t5913@gmail.com

2018-2019 saturday ladies book club

2018-1019 Book Selection:

Twelve Extraordinary Women -How God Shaped Women of the Bible and What He Wants to Do with You  by John MacArthur

Join us to learn about the women who were not only central figures in creation, but throughout the Old and New Testaments.

Time: 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.

Place: Fellowship Room of church building

Activities: pray, study/discussion of scheduled chapters

Contact Diane Threat for more information and to get your book: diane.t5913@gmail.com

Here is the Table of Contents:  

  • (Sept 15) Welcome Fellowship & Introduction to the Book Club
  • (Oct 20) Lesson 1 – Eve: Mother of All Living
  • (Oct 20) Lesson 2 – Sarah: Hoping Against Home
  • (Nov 10) Lesson 3 – Rahab: A Horrible Life Redeemed
  • (Dec 8) Lesson 4 – Ruth: Loyalty and Love
  • (Dec 8) Lesson 5 – Hannah: A Portrait of Feminine Grace
  • (Jan 19) Lesson 6 – Mary: Blessed Among Women
  • (Jan 19) Lesson 7 – Anna: The Faithful Witness
  • (Feb 9) Lesson 8 – The Samaritan Woman: Finding the Water of Life
  • (Feb 9) Lesson 9 – Martha & Mary: Working & Worshiping
  • (Mar 16) Lesson 10 – Mary Magdalene: Delivered from Darkness
  • No Book Club Meeting scheduled in April – Ladies Day – April 6th
  • (May 18) Lesson 11 – Lydia: A Hospitable Heart Opened & Epilogue


Tuesday ladies bible class

Taste and See by Margaret Feinberg

Join us to learn about “God is a foodie?” Sounds funny doesn’t it. Author, Margaret Feinberg, explains her statement in and through this short study “Taste and See” a culinary exploration of Scripture. In the introduction of this study, it describes her “fresh discoveries as she shares stories from wandering a California farm with one of the world’s premier fig farmers, baking fresh matzo at Yale University, descending 400 feet into the frosty white caverns of a salt mine, and visiting a remote island in Croatia to harvest olives.” She continues: “How do you read these Scriptures, not as theologians, but in light of what you do every day?” “Their answers will forever change the way you read the Bible – and approach every meal.”

Come join us Tuesday, Jan 8, 2019 at 10:30 a.m. – “Salt” – how God uses us as a seasoning. OR – An early “Invitation to the Table”

Time: 10:30 a.m.

Start Date: January 8, 2019

End Date: June 4, 2019

Place: Fellowship Room of church building

Activities: Pray, study, share potluck luncheon & fellowship

Child Care available: Cradle to Pre-K.

Lessons: (Lessons from the Study Book will start Jan 22.)

#1 – You’re Invited to the Table

#2 – Delighting in the Sweetness of Fruitfulness

#3 – Chewing on the Bread of Life

#4 – Savoring the Salt of the Earth

#5 – Relishing the Olive and its Oil

#6 – Discovering the Liturgy of the Table


If you are not currently attending Tuesday Ladies Class and would like to join us for this study, please contact me so additional Study Books can be ordered.

Contact Diane Threat for more information: diane.t5913@gmail.com

LADIES DAY 2019: April 6

Theme: Coming Soon

Keynote Speaker: Coming Soon

It was a day filled with strong & courageous women of God!

Thank You to the 2018 Co-Leaders:  Renee Wharton and Wanda Oliver

Listen to the 2018 speaker (Sister Ruby Harvey) HERE.

2019 Ladies Day: April 6

Laurel Church of Christ

7111 Cherry Lane

Laurel, MD 20707